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Parish Clerk

Roles and Responsibilities

The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council employed by the Council. They are answerable to the Council as a whole and cannot act on the instructions of individual Councillors. The Council may give delegated powers to the Clerk specified in the Standing Orders.

The Clerk manages the Parish Council business, implements Council decisions, undertakes research, produces reports and provides independent, objective and professional advice on governance, ethical and procedural matters. They are responsible for administration and communication with the public, and together with the Councillors help to increase the awareness of the Council by producing newsletters and managing the website.

In Cronton, the Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer processing accounts and payments in accordance with the Council’s Financial Regulations, providing financial information for Internal Control, preparing budgets and precepts, and completing the Annual Governance and Accountability Return.


Yvonne Prescott, Parish Clerk

Yvonne worked as a Business Manager in schools for many years before moving on to be a Business Manager in a Domestic Abuse Charity.

For the last three years, Yvonne has been clerk and responsible Financial Officer to Bold Parish Council before joining us here at Cronton Parish Council in 2024.

Yvonne is working towards her ILCA qualification in 2024.