Welcome to the Cronton Village Website

Nearly two years on and our website is almost back to where it was before we lost it!

We hope you will find it useful, interesting and informative. We are including aspects of the village which we believe people may want to see, out of interest or for easy access to information.

It will be updated regularly by our administrator and as the site develops we are hoping for interaction with our readers.

We will keep you informed of activities being held, including the Gala, Parish Council meetings, Coffee Mornings, Cronton Clean-Ups and other community events as they arise, so that you can be involved in the life of the village.



If you wish to contact the editor of the website please email bess.smith23@yahoo.co.uk or telephone the Parish Council Office on 420 0235 and leave a message.

Contributions of photographs and information about Cronton would be most welcome.

Thank you.


In time you will be able to find information on this website under the following headings:-

Pex Hill

Local History

Pathways & Walks


Library Services

Postal & Post Office Services


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Cronton Village Website

  1. Some time ago I took part in a volunteers litter clean up. Does this still happen?
    Hall Lane to the M62 bridge is terrible!

    1. Hi Rob,
      Yes we do still do litter picks but I’m afraid Hall Lane wouldn’t be a possibility because the road is too dangerous without a footpath. If you want to contact Knowsley Council about it they may respond, but they would have to have traffic control to be able to do it, for the same reason. With funds being limited at the moment they probably won’t consider it though. They do generally respond promptly to reports of fly-tipping however.
      Bess Smith, Cronton Pathways Project

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