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Cronton Parish Council – Councillor Vacancy. 6.11.2020
If you are interested in being co-opted to fill the above vacancy then please email the council at registering your interest.  Please include your full name and address. You will be sent an application form after 25 November. The application form will state the eligibility criteria for becoming a councillor. If you do not have access to email please write to :
The Parish Clerk, Cronton Parish Council,  7 Hampton Drive, Cronton, WA8 5BZ

To see official notification of vacancy click below

Cronton Parish Council – notice of vacancy 5-11-20

Details of your Parish Council

If you wish to contact the Parish Council you can drop in a note at the Parish Council office at 7, Hampton Drive, Cronton, WA8 5BZ or email .

The Clerk to the Parish Council is Mrs Vitti Osborne, 07547 908795                                                


Shaun Cooper        60, Smithy Lane, Cronton.     424  6006/ mob:07505 590468



David Rostance       62, Hall Lane, Cronton.          424 4799


Denis Bray                 6, Iver Close, Cronton.                                   424 2908

Will KT Cook             7, Brook Close, Cronton.                              424 4612

John Foran               16, Lambourn Avenue, Cronton.               424 5248

Ged McGann             53, Smithy Lane, Cronton.                          424 0770

David Thomas         101, Hall Lane, Cronton


Revised 29.11.2020

2 thoughts on “Your Parish Council

  1. I regularly walk around the Pex Hill area and have done so for most of my life as a resident of Rainhill for seventy years.
    The farmer with agricultural land adjacent to Pex Hill has deliberately blocked a pathway to the hill on the Cronton side not far from the nearest road i.e. The Roundabout.
    He has deliberately placed a number of felled trees across the pathway. The pathway was one of a number of entrances which the Council provided some yeas as part of the considerable work undertaken to improve access and the general area around the Hill.
    He has also ploughed paths which give access to the Hill which I think my be rights of way but I need to check this.
    Can you please advise if he is within his rights to take this action which is ignorant and deliberately selfish.

    1. Hi David,
      I have redirected your comments to Vitti Osborne, Clerk to the Parish Council. I’m glad you’ve raised the issue because it has become a problem for many walkers and dog walkers. But it needed to be raised by someone who has used these pathways for more than 20 years and personally I haven’t. I’m part of Cronton Pathways Walks for Health and these restrictions are limiting the walk routes we can take. In addition to this where we should be able to walk, e.g. at the exit onto Norlands Lane down from Pex Hill, the footpath is so churned up by tractor ruts that it is impassable. It should be reinstated by the farmer within 14 days but I don’t hold out much hope.
      I hope you are successful in your query.
      Website editor

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